An Appropriate Patient for WelbeHealth

WelbeHealth provider, Sepideh Chegini, MD, says her late father would have benefited from the company’s health services.


Sepideh Chegini, MD, says her father would have had a better quality of life if he had access to WelbeHealth services. Dr. Chegini serves as WelbeHealth’s chief medical officer. As such, she sees WelbeHealth’s quality of care and knows her dad would have been in good hands.

Dr. Chegini says, “I believe we could have cared for him at home, and we could have improved his quality of life. [WelbeHealth] would have definitely made a huge impact on my family’s quality of life.”

Nursing Home Alternative

Dr. Chegini’s father became quadriplegic after he was struck by a vehicle. Dr. Chegini’s family tried to care for her father in their home, but eventually moved him to a nursing home as his health declined. There, he lived out the remaining nine years of his life.

“We all live with that desire, that question in our mind, Well what if? What if we could have cared for him at home,” says Dr. Chegini.

She believes her father could have stayed at home with the help and support of a PACE program such as the one WelbeHealth offers.

“We want to get to a place where hospitals and skilled nursing facilities are no longer necessary for at least the majority of our participants,” she explains. “We want to make sure we can deliver the care where our participants need it the mostwhich is in their home environment.”

WelbeHealth PACE Services Care for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

WelbeHealth cares for the physical health of participants as well as their mental and emotional health. Dr. Chegini is passionate about WelbeHealth because it helps frail seniors, like her dad, continue to live in their homes and communities and get access to the holistic care they need.

“We want to make sure that we meet all our participants’ needs in a very holistic waymind, body, spirit,” she says.

Watch our video of Dr. Chegini, telling her story.