For WelbeHealth Agents

WelbeHealth brings high-touch medical and social services to frail seniors in underserved communities. We’re looking for agents who share our vision to support seniors with our all-inclusive care model.

Our commitment to you is working toward a shared mission.

Our health plan empowers agents to help meet the healthcare needs of seniors. WelbeHealth’s Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) model provides all-inclusive medical, mental health and social care to allow vulnerable seniors to continue living in their homes and communities.


  • Year-round SEP
  • Higher commissions than Medicare Advantage
  • 55+ and the ability to enroll seniors not on Medicare (Medi-Cal only seniors)
  • Same commissions on Medi-Cal only and Medi-Medi eligibles
  • Agent support line for PACE education, center tours, co-op events and more
  • Free Medi-Cal application process and support for your clients


Courage to love

We prioritize human connection and value every precious life we touch.

Pioneering spirit

We relentlessly pursue resourceful solutions to support participant health and independence.

Shared intention

We work as a team with a common purpose. We start by listening, promote and contribute diverse perspectives and support team decisions.

Grow your business with WelbeHealth.

Expand your reach. As a certified agent, you can offer WelbeHealth’s unique health plan that simplifies senior healthcare with an all-inclusive program.


If you share our commitment to support seniors with all-inclusive care, call us at (888) 516-5999 or email us

Need additional support?

If you have any questions or need further support, email us.