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person getting eye care

The Importance of Regular Eye Care

Making regular eye care a priority can be life-changing. The typical eye exam is fast, simple, and pain-free.
Seniors happily playing card games

Social Interaction and Longevity Amongst Seniors

Social interaction has been integral to the wellness of all adults — particularly older adults. But why is social wellness so important?

Managing Sadness and Grief Over the Holidays

The holidays can be a difficult time for seniors. Here are some tips on ways you can manage sadness and grief over the holidays.
Senior woman applying sunscreen for UV safety

Best UV Safety for Seniors: Keep it Simple with These Tips

UV Safety Tips for Seniors. July is UV Safety Month, so get outside and enjoy the sun with the best ways to use tools like SPF for seniors.
senior woman checking blood sugar level by Digital Glucose

How Controlling Blood Sugar Levels Helps Diabetes Patients

If you’re living with diabetes, controlling blood sugar levels…
senior drinking alcohol sadly

Alcohol Awareness: Know the Symptoms of Addiction, Take Action

Alcohol awareness is key. Learn to recognize the signs of alcohol use disorder and get treatment for yourself or a loved one.

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