Nurse coordinator

National Nurse’s Month Profile – Alyssa Triyoes

In honor of National Nurses Month, we will be featuring the amazing nurses who are an integral part of our interdisciplinary care team.

Alyssa Triyoes is Clinic RN at WelbeHealth’s LA Coast PACE center and prefers to go by Alice.  The soon to be launched LA Coast PACE center will serve seniors in Long Beach and the surrounding areas.  “I can’t wait for it to open” Alice said excitedly.

When she was younger, Alice aspired to be an architect, however a combination of her dad’s work ethic and mom’s selflessness and model on how to care made it clear to her that nursing would come more naturally than any other profession.  These traits serve her well in providing health and wellness care for seniors, helping them live more independently in their homes and communities.

Before joining the team at WelbeHealth, Alice was a nurse consultant for a community program that served adults with intellectual disabilities who lived in residential homes in Long Beach and the surrounding cities.

When asked what drives her to come to work each day, Alice stated her motivation was “knowing that there is a mission that is greater than myself, in addition to be working alongside amazing, passionate team members that I am beginning to learn how to work with.”

Knowing what she knows now, Alice said that if she could give one piece of advice to her ten year-old self, she would tell her that “life is full of fleeting moments both good and bad but both are meant to be shared and that we are truly never alone.”

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