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WelbeHealth Issues Statement on Passage of 2023-2024 Budget

Menlo Park, CA – Amy Shin, Chief Mission Officer, WelbeHealth issued the following statement in response to the California Legislature passing a 2023-2024 state budget:

“WelbeHealth appreciates the commitment the California Legislature made to support vulnerable seniors by passing a budget that includes additional resources for Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). Increasing the capacity of the Department of Health Care Services to administer PACE will help ensure that more eligible frail seniors have access to PACE and can more quickly benefit from comprehensive care.

“Securing additional resources for DHCS was a priority for WelbeHealth and CalPACE, and WelbeHealth worked in close collaboration with a coalition that included Leading Age California, California League of United Latin American Citizens, and American Nurses Association\California to ensure this important budget item passed.

“WelbeHealth is grateful to the Governor and the California Legislature for their support of PACE, and we look forward to further collaboration so we can continue to grow this critical program and improve the quality of life for aging seniors.”


Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) is a comprehensive, whole-person health care program for frail seniors living with chronic health conditions and other complex needs that enables them to continue to live in the communities they know and love. PACE is a high-quality cost-effective alternative to nursing home care, costing on average 15% less than the cost of caring for a comparable population through other Medi-Cal services.

PACE organizations have a proven track record of seamlessly planning and managing all aspects of care for seniors – medical, social, and supportive services. PACE participants are over the age of 55, live in a PACE service area, and have been deemed eligible by the state for a nursing home level of care. More than 70% of PACE participants are dually eligible for Medicare and Medi-Cal.


WelbeHealth is a physician-led, mission-driven organization founded to serve the most vulnerable seniors with compassionate and quality care, in a pure value-based model. WelbeHealth manages the entire care portfolio for participants including their primary, specialty, and behavioral health care, ensuring they get to and from appointments, helping them navigate any necessary paperwork, providing assistance with activities of daily living, and ensuring they have enriched lives through social and emotional care.