Transportation Services for Seniors Improves Quality of Life

Transportation Benefits Seniors and Caregivers

According to the CDC, the risk of being injured in a vehicle accident increases as we age. So, it is important to know when to give up the keys and allow someone else to do the driving. About 600,000 seniors a year choose to do so. Fortunately, for seniors enrolled with WelbeHealth, transportation services for seniors is taken care of. The all-inclusive services benefit program participants and their caregivers.

WelbeHealth’s transportation services for seniors provide comfort, convenience, and clear communication to families and participants. The team transports participants to and from their medical appointments and the day center, and delivers medical equipment and prescriptions to their homes.

Comfortable, Friendly Transportation for Seniors

WelbeHealth’s vehicles are outfitted with necessary ramps, lifts, and sidestep stools, so rides are easy and safe. The vans are ADA compliant, making getting in and out of the vehicle easier for seniors of all mobility levels. Plus, WelbeHealth’s friendly transportation professionals are there to make sure participants have the assistance they need.

“Our drivers know participants by name,” says Rogelio Rodriguez, Senior Manager of Transportation at WelbeHealth. “We want participants to feel welcome, like family.”

Participants often listen to the radio and oldies music on their drives. WelbeHealth drivers take requests! Sometimes, a sing-along may even break out.

Convenience for Families

Adult children, spouses, and other caregivers average at least five hours a week providing and arranging transportation for their aging loved ones. Family members often have to take time off of work to take their loved ones to medical appointments. WelbeHealth’s transportation services for seniors provide the transportation to medical appointments and the day center. This includes physical therapy, occupational therapy, primary care, and all other medically necessary appointments. Caregivers don’t need to worry about picking up prescription medications either. WelbeHealth drivers deliver that too.

Ultimately, by using WelbeHealth’s transportation services, families save on gas and valuable time at work. And, if they are a full-time caregiver, they can use the extra time to rest or run errands. Of course, family members are always welcome to ride along in the WelbeHealth vehicle to any medical appointment they would like. This can be arranged beforehand through the scheduling team.

Clear Communication

With many appointments to attend, sometimes important details can get lost. Keeping up with which doctor you’re seeing, what time, and where the office is, can be a hassle. WelbeHealth makes life easy by scheduling appointments and arranging the transportation services for seniors enrolled in the program. Participants and their families stay well informed with appointment reminder calls the day before and the day of the appointment.

“We pride ourselves on clear communication,” says Rodriguez. “Our team always calls participants with a reminder the day before and when we are on the way to pick them up.”

Since 46 percent of WelbeHealth participants have some form of dementia, the team makes sure that participants experiencing cognitive decline get where they need to be safely. If a participant is confused about an appointment, the WelbeHealth transportation professional makes sure to confirm the details before dropping them off at an appointment.

Transportation services for seniors is just one of the many benefits of enrolling with WelbeHealth. WelbeHealth provides seniors with primary care, physical and occupational therapy, dental care, vision care, and more. Visit our FAQ page or contact us for further information.